Saturday, March 6, 2010

Viking Dragon Ship

For my brother's birthday, I made him a Viking ship. I just used the large loaf pan for the main body or the cake and carved it out to look like a boat. The bow and stern I formed with chocolate modeling clay. I painted sucker sticks with melted chocolate and attached some modeling clay to the end for the oars. The shields are made from the discs candy molds. The sail is candy clay. (I did have the sail shaped bowing out when I brought it to my brothers house but it came in contact with moisture and lost it's shape, so you see it as it was just laying flat. So frustrating. I draped the sail over a roll of paper towels to harden. It gave it the perfect shape.) Last, used blue and white buttercream frosting to surround the cake to look like water.
We moved the sail aside so it wouldn't melt with all the candles. We shouldn't a have taken so long to sing to him :)


  1. Nice. Was he sad not to get a mermaid on the front of the boat?

  2. That is extra fancy. Wish I could have been there.