Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This cake came from the 2003 Wilton yearbook (pg. 34). The golf balls, water, green are all fondant. I made the flag and snorkel just out of construction paper.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


This cake for my friend, Adam, came from the 1991 Wilton Yearbook (pg. 13). It said to use the Jolley Santa pan but since I didn't have that I used the 1980 Easter Basket pan.

Shark attack

Idea inspired from the 2001 Wilton yearbook (pg. 38). Little twist though for my twisted nephew. My fisherman instead of fishing became the meal. I used some of the red decorating gel for blood.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Knight Rider

Empire State Building/King Kong

An Empire State Building cake for my brother, DJ. We had a King Kong themed Birthday for him. Also a very heavy cake. It's over 8 layers high. Obviously, i didn't give it enough support because it started to tip. So make sure you give the layers plenty of support. Since it was so huge, I found it easier and more time efficient just to cut out the black windows from construction paper. So much easier!


My sister's big crush.....Superman. I just followed the instructions that came with Wilton's Superman cake. http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?id=1230778A-423B-522D-F0BD324B90B183BD


Little Mermaid

For my niece, Miera. An idea that same from the Wilton 1992 yearbook (pg.6). I used an Ariel Barbie doll and placed it into the large Wonder Mold. The little crabs and stingray on the side of the cake, I just made from fondant.

Mad Scientist

A Mad Scientist cake idea cam from the 1999 Wilton yearbook (pg. 18). I ended up using the 1978 Astronaut cake pan instead of what Wilton had suggested. It worked out just fine though. The test tube that he is holding is  one of the plastic floral tubes.

Stick of Butter

It was a crazy, busy time this particular year for our family. So, this cake ended up being a last minute thing. A few of my siblings and I were having one of those conversations where everything is hilarious. A Stick of Butter cake came from the conversation. Just used the long loaf pan, iced it with yellow icing, wrapped it with wax paper and marked tablespoons of the paper. It was hilarious!

Princess Castle

My niece, Brookelyn, like so many other little girls are into Princesses. Her mom asked me to make a princess castle. This is Wilton's Princess Castle Cake Set. Just followed their instructions. http://www.wilton.com/idea/The-Princess-Address. I had never used Royal icing before, it was interesting. The purple on the tops of the towers is just royal icing. It makes for easy cleaning, it shatters like glass if you drop it (so we found out).

Allergy Cake

Lattice and Flowers

Inspired by a cake in the 1991 Wilton yearbook (pg. 39)


Very easy cake to make. I used Wilton's Butterfly cake pan. http://www.wilton.com/idea/Butterfly


This cake came from the 1992 Wilton yearbook (pg.27)


Cake from the 2001 Wilton yearbook (pg.29).

Take Me To Your Eater

This cake was made for my coworker, Kelly's son. He apparently into little green men so I found this idea on the Wilton website. http://www.wilton.com/idea/Take-Me-To-Your-Eater

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty's bed I made out of the large loaf pan, painted a piece of cardboard for the headboard. The pillow is a piece of cake that I wrapped in white fondant. Once I laid Sleeping Beauty on the bed I covered her with fondant to make a blanket. Finished it off with some sparkles (because every little girl loves sparkles).

Cinderella and her Pumpkin Coach

For the Pumpkin Coach I used the Sports ball cake pan for the pumpkin carriage. The mice I used the miniature egg pan. The Cinderella cake I used the Wonder Mold pan for the dress and put the Cinderella Barbie doll in the center. I used some blue tulle for the ruffles on the dress.

Autumn Inspired

Kristin and Josh Wedding

Shantal and Al Wedding

Luke and Ashley Wedding

Heidi and Roy Wedding

Scott and Ashley Wedding

Travis and Nika Wedding

Ballet Slipper

This idea came from one of the Wilton yearbooks. I used the 3D Rabbit cake pan, just trimming off the ears.

Honey Bear and Beehive

I used the Stand-Up Cuddly Bear pan and the small wonder mold for the Honey bear cake. The bee I formed out of fondant, as well as the eyes and nose.

Sucking Pig for Hawaiian Luau

Very fun, heavy cake. For my brother, Jared's birthday we wanted to do a luau themed party with a suckling pig. The body is carved from 3-stacked 11x15 cakes. A 6-inch round pan for the neck, half of the Sports Ball cake pan, a cupcake for the snout. The legs were just from the trimmings from the body. I dyed some fondant pink for the ears and tail.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Some of my nieces and nephews have allergies, so having cake on their birthdays seems pointless. I'm so impressed with the creativity of my sister at finding alternatives. So good I have to share.

My nephew loves candy. (It's about the only sweet thing that he can eat). So they had a Candyland birthday for him. My sister took small boxes, arranged them as a rectabgle and glued a candyland graphic on top of them. Instead of the "cutting of the cake", we cut the boxes apart. The kids were able to fill them with the candy of their choice.

The Slug

This cake was made by Heidi. (Hilarious inside joke.) This cake was made using the 3D Lamb cake pan. Just trimmed off the ears to make the head of the slug smoother. Then the eyes were made with styrofoam attached with wooden dowels.

Bratz Runway

For my niece, Kailyn. She was very much into Bratz. So I thought of doing a Fahsion Cat Walk. I actually used the 1979 Spaceship pan (trimmed it a bit). The lights, I turned white chocolate chip upside down. And I just created a curtain backdrop that I inserted in the cake.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles