Saturday, September 12, 2009


Some of my nieces and nephews have allergies, so having cake on their birthdays seems pointless. I'm so impressed with the creativity of my sister at finding alternatives. So good I have to share.

My nephew loves candy. (It's about the only sweet thing that he can eat). So they had a Candyland birthday for him. My sister took small boxes, arranged them as a rectabgle and glued a candyland graphic on top of them. Instead of the "cutting of the cake", we cut the boxes apart. The kids were able to fill them with the candy of their choice.

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  1. Yea for the blog! You do good cakes--I hadn't seen any before except the one for Luke and Ashley's wedding. Maybe I should have you do the cakes for my kids--I'm resorting to sheet cakes these days, and sometimes they're not even cake, or even frosted all the way. I put my mother to shame--her cakes were always good too.